Introduction to Affiliate Marketing: Step By Step Guide

Bored with lockdown and staying at home? How about earning money working from home? Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money without any headache of shipping and stocking up goods.

First of all, let’s discuss what Affiliate Marketing is?

In affiliate marketing, you simply promote the products of other eCommerce websites and earn a specific percentage of commission on the price of products. Simply choose the product you like, promote the same on social media, your website, your YouTube channel, or anywhere you want, and get a commission for every sale. 

Here’s how affiliate marketing works…

At the basic level, here are the steps affiliate marketing works on – 

  • You choose and join the best affiliate marketing program 
  • Pick the great product you love and want to promote 
  • Get affiliate links for the same. 
  • Share this link wherever you like. 
  • When someone clicks through the affiliate link and the product is purchased, the specific amount of commission is directly deposited to your account.

Detailed Steps on Getting Started with Affiliate Marketing

Step 1 – Choose what you want to promote

The first step for marketer is to choose a niche is the first step for making money. You decide what types of products you wish to advertise on your website. Instead of being an expert in anything, you just need to have an interest in your niche. You must be willing to write about the products and don’t lose interest. 

Step 2 – Come out with a plan

Don’t rush into anything. Take your time because affiliate marketing calls for your time, which is your valuable resource. It doesn’t need a massive amount of money to invest. Most affiliate marketers start on a part-time basis and eventually grow their streams of passive income before taking their whole time for it. 

You can set a schedule to balance your work with a newfound career in affiliate marketing. Take your time to create content, research keywords, and promote content. You should figure out how many posts you will be able to write in a week. 

Step 3 – Start a website 

It is the next big step. It will be the epicenter of everything you do for affiliate marketing. You can find a lot of WordPress themes and website builders that need no coding knowledge to come up with an attractive website. 

Step 4 – Research 

Find products that you like, your audience like, relevant to your niche, and which have a significant commission on sales. Stick to what you promote. Consider your audiences’ needs. The more relevant the product, the more likely you can drive conversion, and the more amount of money you can make. 

Step 5 – Drive Traffic to your links

After choosing the right products to promote and creating a website, it’s time to pick affiliate links and attract people to them. You can use free and paid methods to do this. Paid plans include creating ads on social media, search engines, and other places where you can put your ads. You can rank in organic results for free. Besides, you can promote products on social media, create quality content, and drive organic traffic to your links. 

Bottom Line

All in all, affiliate marketing is the most cost-effective and convenient way to make easy money. All it needs is your time and effort in the beginning, and then you can work anywhere you go and be your boss. It is a performance-based strategy. Your achievements are based on how much you invest your time and effort in.