Factors That Determines The Period For Successful SEO Campaign

The first question everyone asks when hiring an SEO company is how long does it take to show results? Every business or digital advertising agency that deals in SEO try to find ways for immediate results. But different kinds of businesses need different SEO packages and the same goes with the duration? Why is there no fixed time? And how one can determine how long SEO will take to show the results for a given website? All of these questions also come to our mind as we do SEO campaigns.

If you are also confused about SEO and the time we take, then you are here in the right place. Because here we will let you know everything about it. A recent article on the Forbes website states that Search engine optimization can take up to 4 to 7 months to show results. Is it true? And what do experts say about it? How does a digital marketing company calculate the time required? Let’s find out all these answers here in this post.

Business people are all in a hurry

Before you start to know more about SEO services and the time required. You need to know why everyone is in a hurry. Newcomers to the industry are looking for quick results. While experts who are already in the market do not want immediate results. Because they all believe in long-term results and quality. Some black hat SEO techniques claim to show you instant results. But they can also adversely affect your website’s credibility. So you need to invest in white hat SEO techniques and it takes time. So don’t rush while using ethical SEO.

This Is Not How SEO Works

SEO works differently than you think. Some digital marketers or online businesses think that SEO means more time. They believe that the more time SEO will take, the more quality results will show. However, SEO is not related to time. Yes, it is obviously more time-consuming than any other paid method of bringing the traffic. But expanding your SEO campaign, in the long run, does not mean that you will get better results.

Factors Determining How Long SEO Takes

Many factors determine how long SEO takes to show results. It is not possible to include all features here. But we can add all the great features here to help you get an idea. Before we tell you more about these things, let us tell you that there is no time limit for SEO. Maybe it’s a six-month period for you, but for someone else, it takes more or less than six months. But you can look at the following to calculate the required SEO time for your website.

Online Competition

Your SEO campaign will take a lot of time if there is a lot of competition in your field. According to the category, we mean the keywords you selected, the location of your business website, and the target audience you selected. More competitors will lead you to a time-consuming SEO campaign. If there is less competition then there will be less time required for good results. So before claiming things for SEO you should also look at the competition.

Quality of Content

Only SEO will not take your site to the top of the search results pages (SERPs). Content is always the master of the digital marketing arena. If you do not have good quality content, then you cannot put your website up in the SERPs. Content quality is therefore very important. However, it becomes difficult for an SEO team to promote low-quality content. You can still place low-quality content, but search engines ignore low-quality content sites.

Website Credibility

Your website has technological health. Before starting an SEO campaign on your website, you have to do professional SEO research. Review all the errors related to SEO. If there are too many technical SEO issues in the website, then the SEO campaign will take more time. However, if all goes well, an SEO campaign will start showing you results soon.

Quality & Quantity of Backlinks

Backlinks are also important factors to consider if SEO takes up too much time. SEO campaigns take different times because there are different types of backlinks. You need quality backlinks for your website. If your site is not having any backlinks, then creating a good backlink profile can suck lots of days. Work smartly and consider link building services to get those needed backlinks which can have a good impact on SEO.

SEO Team Experience

The time required for an SEO campaign is also determined by the expertise of the SEO team working on the site. If there is no veteran on the team, then there is a good chance that too many mistakes will happen. And it will take more time to rediscover and redefine all errors. The more experience your SEO team has, the less time you will need.

History of the website

The history of your website is also an important factor to consider while you are trying to rank for competitive keywords. If your website is previously blocked by search engines like Google due to unethical SEO practices, then the chances of ranking them easily are very steep. Websites with a history of spam or negative comments will take more time during SEO ranking. While old and authentic websites with a good reputation can get much faster results when applied with SEO. You should also pay attention to your SEO campaign if it’s taking too long it means you have some problems in website history too. Take not of website history while calculating the timing of an SEO campaign.