Frustrated by the delays in getting your personal injury claim or lawsuit settled? Now, there is America Lawsuit Loans a legal funding company that offers non-recourse funds against your future injury settlement so that you can have immediate cash for all your medical, legal, or personal expenses.

Litigation financing firm provides pre-settlement and post-settlement funds to victims of personal injury accidents with legal representation who may be having financial difficulties because of mounting medical expenses and their inability to return to work. Some injury claimants may have returned to their former jobs, but their time off from work resulted in accumulating debt that their present earnings can barely pay.

With a legal fund advance from companies like America Lawsuit Loan, Tribeca lawsuit loans, Nova Funding, or Oasis Financial you can have cash quickly to meet your immediate needs while your lawsuit or claim is still pending. With a non-recourse loan, you assume no risk if your claim is unsuccessful. The lending firm takes all the risk and only get paid from the proceeds of your settlement.

Personal Injury Claims and need for lawsuit loans

Personal injury claims can take months to resolve. If there are issues of liability, shared fault, or suspicions by the insurance companies about your claimed injuries, then your attorney may have to litigate your case in court that will prolong the time even further before you realize the compensation you deserve. Whether you were injured in an auto accident, a slip and fall, by use of a defective product, boating accident, motorcycle accident, medical negligence, or any other incident in which another party acted unlawfully, irresponsibly, or negligently, personal injury lawsuit loans can assist you in getting compensation while your attorney works hard to get you a fair and reasonable settlement.

Why approach America Lawsuit Loans for persona injury claims?

America Lawsuit Loans is a direct funder so there are no third parties to get approval for your loan. Because they paid out of the proceeds of your eventual settlement, the approval process does not require a credit check or employment verification. If you are considering legal funding complete their free online application. Approval can be quick, and if you are approved, they will send their documents to your attorney for his or her review and acceptance. Our rates are very competitive and we offer small as well as large funds. Once approved plaintiff can easily cash in less than 24 hours of approval